So, what about all the people not coming to your y?

Member retention drives a healthy bottom line, but you can’t retain someone who doesn’t join. And, you can’t replace lost members and see net positive growth, without someone new walking through your doors.


The “non-user market” surrounds you and it has your financial future in its hands.

But, if you don’t know who those non-users are, where they live and what motivates them, they’ll continue to ignore you. And that’s a problem.

Removing the Mystery of the Non-User Market

The Non-User Market has historically been a conundrum. How do you know who you don’t know?


We provide those answers through extensive location-based data that helps you educate, attract and retain those elusive Non-Users. We can match that data with your current membership data to further expose overlaps and gaps in services and outreach.


You can now see the real-world geographic reach of your members and markets from a global-to-granular level. We can describe your community from neighborhood segments to literally a single block.

tap into the power of place

What you don’t know about your community is hurting your bottom line.

We provide insights from over 15k variables, representing

millions of data pointsto observe profiles, patterns and relationships in your community, including:

  • Demographics | Data on people and households including age, job, income, race & more.

  • Psychographics | Data on attitudes, beliefs and aspirations from eating organic to politics

  • Market Potential | Demand for over 4,700 products, services, activities & preferences.

  • Consumer Demand | Household finances& spending on thousands of products and services.

  • Segmentation | Profiles by neighborhood on demographics, lifestyle and behavior traits.

No matter how many members you have, many more are missing. And how do you reach who you don’t know?


So, let us take the guesswork and assumptions out of your Non-User Market and give you a roadmap to success.

  • first, we’ll help you identify who’s missing from your building by reviewing your current members.

  • then, we’ll help you craft the necessary program and marketing strategies to get non-users in your doors.


Location-based data insights will equip youto generate more informed ideas, make better data-driven decisions, and more concretely measure and manage results,to reach non-users and retain members.

Marketing Profile
At Risk Population
Key Facts
Health Care & Insurance Stats
Health Insurance | Version 2
Market Segments

Find properties, markets, or places.

Identify, evaluate, or compare using features of your choice.


Locate & learn about your target market.

Explore existing customers and markets, or find new areas with high market potentials.


Interpret data in the real world, using location as the foundation.

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