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Time = Money
Navigating data can be costly too. 

Using GIS and spatial analysis, Atlys can help you decide where to go to reach new markets, serve at-risk clients, or build a new development. 

Spatial analysis can be simple or complex.

It can be as simple as examining demographics to see where a new business should locate, or it can be as complex as modeling and mapping the impact of climate change and integrating many layers of diverse data.

What is

Spatial Analysis?

Market Potential

in the Market Potential category provide information on the products and services consumers want and the civic attitudes they have. Market Potential data contains more than 2,000 items from GfK MRI consumer survey grouped into 35 categories of goods.

Helps you:


  • Understand customer preferences.

  • Reach underserved consumers.

  • Identify the penetration of successful competitive products.

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The results will be provided as visually engaging maps with insights and can be used to create custom reports and infographics.